10 EM (16.1KM)

We are very excited to show you the NEW course of the 10EM! This year we will be following the beautiful road next to the Amstel towards Ouderkerk, before returning via de pristine rural roads of Amstelveen. On the 4KM and 12KM points you will find drinkwater as well as toilets, on the 8KM point water.

We hope you’re looking forward to this exciting new course!

Join the 10 EM

Individual registration for the 10EM costs €35, a team registration (5 people) is €175. This includes a €5 donation per registration to the VUmc charity.

You can register your team now and add the runners later.

Rules for teams during Zuidas Run 2017

  • A team consists of a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 runners.
  • No distinction is made between men’s teams, women’s teams or mixed teams.
  • A team may participate the 10 EM Team run when it has less than three runners, but it will not be included in the team results. The individual team members will be included in the individual result.
  • Each company can join with multiple teams.
  • A team is registered for either the 10 EM or for the Urban Run.
  • All team members within a team have to run the same distance.
  • A Participant is not allowed to run more than one distance with the same race number. He or she is only allowed to participate in the distance for which the race number was issued.
10 em start

Determining result of Teams for the 10EM

  • For the team rankings the net-times of the three fastest finished runners of the team will be added together and the sum of these three net times determines the outcome of the team run.
  • The lowest total net time of the three fastest runners determines the winning team.
  • When two teams have the same lowest total time the net time of the fifth runner of both teams determines the classification of the team. In case one of the teams has no fifth runner, the team with five runners wins. In case they both have four runners, the fastest fourth runner’s time decides the win. In case one of the teams has only three runners, the team with four runners wins. If the two teams with the lowest net total both have three runners, the team with the fastest third runner wins.
  • Teams that participate with less than three runners will not be qualifying for the team rankings.
  • All team members will be included in the result of the individual classification, even if their team is not included in the final classification for teams.