VUmc Zuidasrun Charity

Train the MS brain, 2017’s charity

This year the Zuidas Run is supporting the VUmc research program ‘Train the MS Brain’. From every registration fee €5 goes to this project. Would you like to further support the VUmc? You can open an online fundraising page and invite your colleagues, friends and families to support your run by donating to the VUmc.

MS is a disease of the central nervous system, i.e. the brain and spinal cord. The disease usually begins between the ages of 20 and 40 and attacksambitious people in the prime of Their Life. The future of having a nice career or a family suddenly becomes uncertain. Questions arise, is it still possible to make that promotion I dreamt of? Can I still be a good father or mother? What is it I can do to prevent (cognitive) impairment from happening?

One of the main reasons why people with MS lose their jobs is the loss of cognitive functions (amongst others, problems with memory, attention and concentration). These cognitive symptoms also have a tremendous impact on their social life and can eventually even lead to depression and social isolation. Currently, there is no effective treatment to address these cognitive problems specifically. Therefore, new and innovative studies need to be set up to help people with MS and the cognitive impairmentthey suffer from. We think that a combination of cognitive training and physical exercise might lead to improvement in cognitive performance in people with MS.

Many people with MS are not physical fit, while this is particularly important for cognitive function as well. For example, fit elderly have a better memory than un-fit elderly. The results of the first cognitive intervention studies in people with MS are promising and reveal an improvement on cognitive tests. By trying to keep the brain and body as fit as possible, we think we can improve the cognitive function of people with MS and make the future for them a little brighter.

Help training the MS brain and donate or open a personal online fundraising page.

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