Zuidas Suits & Stilettos Run

Hakken & Pakken Run

At May 18th, the “Zuiadassers” watched their colleagues sprint along the Gustav Mahlerplein. Not because of a new crisis, but to find out who is the fastest in suit or on heels. Watch the video and photos now.

Ladies entered this competition wearing business skirts and stilettos with at least 9cm high heels. Man must wear a suit, tie, leather shoes and carry a briefcase.

The track was 50 meters long and includes a small obstacle for men to prepare them for our new Urban Run during the Zuidas Run.

Win win win

  • The fastest lady was invited to design her own shoes with Anna van Mills.
  • The fastest man chooses a Benvenuto suit at Gentleman’s Place.
  • Second place finishers can prepare for the Zuidas Run with a half year membership of Club Sportive. 
  • The lady and man who finished in the third place, will sleep in a IHG group hotel (for example the Intercontinental Amstel Amsterdam) of choice in Amsterdam.