Chiropractic treatment & physiotherapy for runners

An optimised functioning Musculoskeletal System results in better achievements and less injuries. Spine Health incompany (SH incompany) & Fysiosportive are specialised in the treatment of (professional) sports injuries. We treat many athletes, especially runners. Sports injuries usually arise due to bad posture and a lack of movement of the back or other joints and muscles. We offer treatment and recovery programs for many different injuries.

Sports injuries we treat:

–          Back and neck problems

–          Shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee and ankle injuries

–          Pelvis problems, including pelvic alignment issues as well as pelvic torsions

–          Achilles injuries

–          Hamstring injuries

–          Groin injuries

The benefits of combining chiropractic treatment with physiotherapy for sports injuries:

–          Treatment of not just the symptoms, but also the cause;

–          We look at the muscles, but also the mobility of the joints;

–          We offer a holistic approach which also covers prevention;

–          Dynamic warm-up exercises aimed at activating the nervous system;

–          Muscle testing to check which muscles are stronger than others in the system;

–          Mobility exercises

Due to the combined approach, we treat not only the symptoms, but also the core of the problem. It will help you move better, which optimises the functioning of your body and helps prevent sports injuries.

Donating to charity (VUmc – Train the MS Brain Project)

For every treatment we do we donate €5 to the charity that the Zuidas Run supports.

Would you like a free analysis of your back, or a muscle/mobility test? Make an appointment with us!