Competition Rules Zuidas Run
Article 1: Organization

The Zuidas Run 2018 is organized by House of Sports, Kerkstraat 45, 1191 JD, Ouderkerk a/d Amstel


Article 2: Manner of moving forward

2.1 The participant must move forward by walking/running over the route assigned by the Organizer.

2.2 The participant must be recognizable and must wear his start number completely visible.


Article 3: Instructions by the organization

3.1 Participants must follow the instructions of the Organizer, c.q of people that appear to belong to the organization of the Organizer, considering the clothes they wear or other appearance.


Article 4: Disqualification

4.1 The Organizer has the right to disqualify and/or remove a Participant from the race if he does not comply with these race rules, when he behaves in unsportsmanlike or improper way, if any medical reasons, or in connection with the orderly progress of the Event it is deemed necessary.

4.2 The Organizer levies the race number of the Participant who is disqualified or otherwise resigned.


Article 5: Start position

5.1 The assignment of start areas will be done by the organization

5.2 The Participants must be in the assigned start area 5 minutes before the start

5.3 The Participant is not allowed to start in an earlier start area. The Participant is able to start in a later start area.

5.4 If a participant is too late for his own start area, he can start in a later area. It is not possible to start after all participants have started.


Article 6: Start numbers

6.1 The participant receives a race number of the Organizer with a personal participants number and time registration chip
6.2 The participant must attach the start number on his chest
6.3 The start number must be attached in a way the number and other printed images on the number are in sight correctly.

6.4 The start number can not be cut of or folded

6.5 It is prohibited to wear any other start number then the one provided by the Organizer

6.6 If any of the above mentioned rules are not followed up, the Organizer can consider disqualification of the Participant.


Article 7: Medical passport

The Participant is obligated to fill in the medical passport on the backside of the start number.


Article 8: Time limit

8.1 Due to the release of the course to traffic, the Participant shall within the time set out below have passed the finish line:


Distance:         Maximum Time Run

5 km                1:00:00

10 km              2:00:00


8.2 The times are expressed as time elapsed since the moment of the start. The participant who is not at or beyond the thereby set finish point at the time as per above, will be removed from the Event/course by the Organizer. The judgement of the by the Organizer appointed arbiter “final runner” is binding for the determining whether the Participant a certain point passed timely. Participants who cross the finish later than the maximum time after the start, are no longer included in the ranking.


Article 9: clothing

9.1 The Participant is able to change clothes in the by the Organizer assigned dressing rooms.

9.2 It is not possible to hand over clothes at the start. Participants are advised to arrive at the event in sports clothes. The Participant is reminded out that this accommodation will not be guarded by the Organizer.


Article 10: liability

The Organizer is not liable for lost garments or other personal property of the Participants. This also applies for things that have been left in the by the Organizer provided clothing accommodation.


Article 11: Illness and accidents

The Organizer rejects all cases of illness and accidents affected to the Participant.


Article 12: Prices

The Participant that reaches the finish in the maximum established time receives a memory of the Zuidas Run.


Article 13: Determination results

13.1 The Organizer determines the finish time and intervals of the Participant. This determination is binding. The Time registration happens with Bib Tags. The Organizer is only able to register the times if the Participant wears the Bib Tag correctly. The Participant receives the Tag accompanied with the start number from the Organizer. The gross time is the official time.

13.2 The Organizer determines the result and is authorized to change the result after establishing inaccuracy.


Article 14: Other provisions

14.1 It is forbidden to the participant to accept care (drink, food, sponge, etc) at a place other than  the ones appointed by the Organizer caring station.

14.2 The road traffic act and the related legislation, such as traffic rules and traffic signs, remains in force during the Event on the entire course.

14.3 It is not allowed to be guided at the course, regardless of the purpose and by whomever, unless the Organizer obtained written permission.

14.4 It is not allowed to bring objects like pets, prams, banners etc.

14.5 It is not allowed to carry out expressly political, philosophical or religious views or make remarks that could be considered offensive, abusive or insulting in any way during the Event.

14.6 It is not allowed to perform/carry out promotional or commercial activities without approval of the Organizer.

14.6 It is not possible to hand over clothes at the start. Participants are advised to come in sports clothes. 14.7 The Participant is reminded out that this accommodation will not be guarded by the Organizer.

14.8 It is expected that the Participant will not cause damage to properties of others and does not leave waste.



Article 15 Teamrules

15.1 A team consists of a maximum of 5 runners.

15.2 No distinction is made between men’s teams, women’s teams or mixed teams.

15.3 The 5 and 10 km Run are timed. All team members will also receive their individual results.

15.4 The team results are based on the 3 fastest times of the runners from the team

15.5 A team may participate in the 5 or 10 km run.

15.6 Each company can join with multiple teams.

15.7 All team members within a team have to run the same distance.

15.8 A participant is only allowed to participate in the distance which the race number was issued for.


Article 16 Determining results of Teams

16.1 For the team rankings the net-times of the three fastest finished runners of the team will be added. The sum of these three net times determines the result of the team run.

16.2 The lowest total net time of the three fastest runners determines the winning team.

16.3 When two teams have the same lowest total time the net time of the fifth runner of both teams determines the classification of the team. In case one of the teams has no fifth runner, the team with five runners wins. In case they both have four runners, the fastest fourth runner’s time decides the win. In case one of the teams has only three runners, the team with four runners wins. If the two teams with the lowest net total both have three runners, the team with the fastest third runner wins.

16.4 Teams that participate with less than three runners will not be qualifying for the team rankings.

16.5 All team members will be included in the result of the individual classification, even if their team is not included in the final classification for teams.