Start areas Zuidas Run 2020

We would like to inform you about a new element within the Zuidas Run. During your registration for the Zuidas Run 2020 you can indicate whether you are a SERIOUS RUNNER or FUN RUNNER. Based on your indicated time you will be assigned to one of the starting areas.


Based on this, all “fast” (SERIOUS) runners will start in the front starting areas and the “fun” (FUN) runners will start in the back starting areas. The 5 and 10 KM start at the same time this year and this way runners do not get in each other’s way and participants who really want to set a fast time will not be held up by FUN RUNNERS.


Anyway, the request remains: if you are a SERIOUS RUNNER please keep as much as possible on the left side of the course and a FUN RUNNER on the right side. This way everybody is happy!